Camel Up (2E)

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Players: 2-8

Ages: 8+

Gametime: 30 minutes


Witness the craziest camel race of all time, as things really go topsy-turvy when camels stack up and entire pyramids turn upside down!

As members of Egyptian high society, you gather in the desert with one simple goal: to gain the most money by backing the right camel to win a leg or even the entire race. However, in this race, it’s not just the lucky ones who can beat the odds. Reading the dynamics of the race and having a good sense of timing is just as important when it comes to backing the right camels and taking the victory.

Place your bids wisely and decide when it is time to strike, and maybe – just maybe – with a little bit of timing and a lot of luck, your bid will pay off!


Box Contents:

  • 1 Game board
  • 1 Dice Pyramid
  • 5 wooden Camels
  • 5 wooden Dice
  • 40 Race Betting cards
  • 5 Pyramid tiles
  • 8 Desert tiles
  • 20 Money cards
  • 50 Coins
  • 1 Leg Starting Player marker