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Players: 2-4

Ages: 4+

Gametime: 15-20 minutes


12 fledglings stretch their beak into the air. It is the goal of the game to get all of them full. The basic version of the game is cooperative. The playing children have the bird parents come flying with worms in their beaks.
In doing so they first turn the game board, then have a bird fly by their hand and try to feed a fledgling. Not all of the bird babies have the same appetite so that the attempt to feed one of the fledglings might also be in vain. If the players succeed in feeding all the young birds, they close their beaks in satisfaction and the parent birds won cooperatively.

Another competitive variant of the game is about feeding the own stash of worms as the quickest. Once again it is vital to closely monitor the turns of the game board, to always find the really hungry beaks.