Putz die Wutz

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Players: 2-4

Ages: 6+

Gametime: 20 minutes


Despite the things mean people might sometimes say about pigs they are actually rather clever animals. As a matter of fact, these piggies are so smart that they have successfully broken into the
players’ jam stash again. As a result, a proper scrub down is in order.
Three dice determine which piggy is next in line to get a bath. One die tells the players which jam color to look for while the other two dice decide how many jam spots the piggy has to have.
All players try to be the first to grab the soap that the piggy in question is looking at. Only a piggy that is already looking at the fastest player is really ready to be scrubbed though and, to be honest, it is no mean feat just to get a jam-covered piggy’s attention.