Oh Nein, Die Schnackelstein!

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Players: 2-5

Ages: 6+

Gametime: 20 minutes


Countess Rubina von Schnackelstein has buried gemstones. Instead of the lush diamond plants though, which she had hoped for, mole hills have started to pop up all over her lawn.

Beneath the grass, it is the players‘ decision on where the busy burrowers are digging onwards. In doing so, they bring the buried gems back to light. Simply burrowing in a blind frenzy will not do though. Employing the help of greedy beetles, the lady of the castle reclaims as many of her shiny valuables as she can. Also, there is an agreement among the moles that certain gemstones have to be given away as soon as they are dug up …

Oh nein! Die Schnackelstein! will bring a sparkle as bright as sapphires into the eyes of children and adults alike.