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Players: 2-3

Ages: 10+

Gametime: 60min

Notice: This is the German version of the game.

Moves in “Citrus” are simple but decisions are tricky. It's a dilemma-game with a high entertainment factor. Already purchase of plantations offers many choices, but if you buy the tiles you want you usually get also some you don't need. And after buying you have to figure out the next decison: Where to place the plantations the most effective. Shall I expand a region and adjoin to another Finca or shall I place it on a Landscape tile, which grows the number of options.

Jeff Allers has put a lot of new mechanism in the game, that continues in other respects the dlp-line seamlessly: A manageable playing time, attractive components, challenging but not work and as all dlp-games top-class also for two players.

The comprehensible and clearly arranged rules feature furthermore a couple of variants, for example a family version and a shorter game on a second schedule on the backside of the board.