Cargo Noir

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Players: 2-5

Age: 8+

Gametime: 30-90 minutes    


Little Hong Kong: Hour of the Tiger - Loaded with clandestine goods, a sampan glides through the dark waters of Aberdeen Harbour. It slips unnoticed under the bow of a British patrol boat whose crew seems more interested in sleep than watchfulness.

Cargo Noir is a game of illicit trading in which players run "families" who traffic in smuggled goods. Designed by Serge Laget, the game takes place in the thrilling and evocative setting of 1950's film noir.

Game play revolves around a changing set of notorious smuggling ports around the world, each filled with contraband. Players dispatch cargo ships loaded with gold to these ports - hoping to acquire goods that will later be traded for Victory Spoils.

Cargo Noir is quickly learned, but offers many routes to victory; and is the rare trading game that works equally well with 2 players as well as more.

Box Contents:

  • Game boards of Macao and 8 different ports
  • 131 Cargo tokens
  • 54 Victory cards
  • 5 "Family" game sheets
  • 25 Sculpted Cargo ships
  • 60 Gold coins
  • Cargo Noir token bag
  • First Turn and Player markers
  • Rules booklet