Alles Tomate

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Players: 2-8

Ages: 6+

Gametime: 15-20 minutes


"Alles Tomate!" is a memory game in which things change all the time, even things you have just memorized! 

Seven categories of life on the farm (cattle/farm animals, in the farm house, farm products, fruit, vegetables, farm buildings, and machines/tools) outline the frame work. A card from each category is hidden and the players have to remember these seven objects. Next, one card from the pile is shown. The color of this card tells players which matching object is sought. The player who first calls out the name of the hidden farm-life object wins the card. The revealed card is now put face down in the empty space. Of course memory-wizards must remember which object has been won and which object has been added! 
Who will still remember after three rounds of play which vegetable we are searching for?

"Alles Tomate!" is an exiting memory game which is distinguished by simple rules and long lasting game fun.